Hunting Drop Camp
We will provide horses and wrangler/guide to transport you and/or your equipment into the Pecos Wilderness. One wrangler can handle up to 7 horses. We do not leave any horses with you. We will check on your camp in the middle of the hunt and return on a preset date to pack you out. We will suggest hunting strategy as well as pack out legal game from camp. There will be an additional charge for packing out your game.We will provide you with one FM radio on our frequency for emergency communications; however, cell phone and radio coverage is limited in the Pecos Wilderness. Hunting Licenses are not included and must be drawn from the New Mexico State Lottery.Meat storage during the hunt is available at Tererro. We can supply you with the names of local meat processors with whom you can make arrangements to processes and/or ship your meat.
Minimum of 2 people to book all Drop Camp services
$150.00 per day per horse
$200.00 per day per wrangler - includes his horse