The three common hummingbirds to this area are the Broadtail, Rufus, and Calliopie. The Broadtail are the first to arrive around the end of March. The Rufus will then begin to appear the later part of June and lastly the Calliopie will make it's appearance in the early part of July.

For over twenty five years Sherry Ley has been feeding these hummingbirds a mixture 4 to 1 of water and sugar respectively. The Tererro area has become the humingbird's breeding grounds and the amount of sugar used per summer has risen steadily from 800 pounds to 1100 pounds. It has been estimated that over 2,000 hummingbirds will be at the Tererro General Store feeding each summer. Sherry Ley hangs large one gallon feeders along the eaves of the store and at the height of the season, in July, there will be eleven. These feeders are refilled twice daily.

The best times of the day for viewing the hummingbirds is early morning before 8am and late evening after 6pm when they are obtaining their first and last feedings of the day and the feeders will be three deep with birds. However throughout the day there are at least 4 to 8 birds on each feeder at any given time. Many people come back year after year to just sit on the store's garden benches and enjoy watching the hummingbirds come and go with the sounds of the Pecos River flowing in the background. It's quite a relaxing experience.

These hummingbirds have been banded and recorded as having migrated from as far away as the caribbean.

This video was taken at the height of the season, middle of July.